Buttock Lift


A buttock lift can help anyone who has experienced a loss of skin elasticity in the buttock area due to extreme weight loss or aging. It can also be used to help improve the look of thighs that have a dimpled or flabby appearance due to lack of exercise or cellulite. Buttock lift may also help individuals whose buttocks may appear asymmetrical or lumpy due to wounds or other types of trauma. Obese individuals who intend to lose weight should postpone all forms of body contouring surgery until they have reached a stable weight.


A buttock lift is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin from the hips, outer thighs, back and buttocks. This can occur as a result of extreme weight loss, aging, and lack of exercise or hormonal changes. A buttock lift is not a surgical treatment for being overweight. The lift is intended to make the buttocks appear less wrinkled, saggy or dimpled by raising and tightening the skin over the buttocks.


The procedure can take from 3 to 6 hours. It is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. If there is minimal sag, an excision may be made at the crease where the buttock meets the back of the upper thigh. Most commonly the elevation occurs by excising tissue at the junction of lower back and upper buttock.


There are general risks associated with a general anesthetic such as aspiration of stomach content into the lungs which can cause serious illness or death. Therefore, to help prevent this it is mandatory that you do not eat or drink anything (usually 8 hours) preceding your surgery. Other risks include DVTs, (clots in the veins of the legs) which can break off and travel to the lungs, this is known as an embolus and although very rare, can be life threatening; especially in smokers. You will be encouraged to get up and walk around as soon as possible to reduce these risks. You will have swelling, bruising and a scar. Swelling may last several weeks, bruising should subside within a few days and your scar will be permanent, but should fade with time and proper care. Your scar will be hidden under clothing and bathing suits which most patients are agreeable to.


You will need someone to drive you home and stay with you the first 24 hours after surgery. After the buttock lift is over, a sterile dressing is applied to the wounds and the patient is placed in a compression garment (an elastic girdle that tightly holds the skin in to reduce swelling and aid in the natural tightening of the skin). These should not be removed until advised by your surgeon. You may experience some pain which should be alleviated by the pain medications. You will need to rest and avoid sitting as to not stress the operated area for approximately one week.


You may return to work in 2 weeks as long as you do not sit extensively. It may take weeks before you can sit without discomfort. You will need to avoid exercise, running or strenuous activities for up to 3 months. Total healing time takes between 4-6 months.

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