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To provide cosmetic surgery in Florida of the highest quality & excellence at an affordable price, offering everyone the opportunity to enhance their appearance and improve their lives.

New Image Cosmetic Surgery Center is designed to afford you maximum care and comfort before, during and after your surgical procedure. We offer the latest technologies and techniques performed in our beautiful, state-of-the-art facility. New Image Cosmetic Surgery Center has the utmost standards to facilitate the highest level of safety. Our Florida plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists have the medical credentials, education and experience you deserve. Please visit our Meet the Doctors page to learn more information about our dedicated cosmetic surgeons. At New Image Cosmetic Surgery Center, we are dedicated to providing an unsurpassed level of care. Our staff is trained to anticipate your needs and wishes in this beautiful, warm and friendly environment. Your satisfaction is our reward.

Our facility has the State of the Art Bispectral Index Monitor, also called a BIS (pronounced “biz”) monitor. This device measures the effects of anesthesia on a patient’s level of consciousness by monitoring the patient’s brain activity. It enables anesthesiologists to tailor a patient’s dose of anesthesia to meet individual needs, which can vary based on factors such as age, weight, and medical history. This can help patients wake up more quickly, feel more clear-headed, and experience fewer side effects after surgery. With the BIS monitor, a sensor strip is placed on the patient’s forehead during surgery. The strip records brain activity and sends it to the monitor, which computes a number ranging from zero to 100. This number correlates with the patient’s level of consciousness. At 100 the patient is wide awake; under 60, the patient is likely to be unconscious. Prior to the development of the monitor, anesthesiologists relied on vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure and the use of standard dosages to ensure that the patient received adequate levels of anesthetic. Clinical studies of the BIS monitor have shown that customizing anesthesia levels to a patient’s needs can help them wake up faster and feel alert sooner, as well as experience fewer side effects such as muscle aches, nausea and vomiting. At the same time, the device also lowers the risk of “intraoperative awareness,” a rare phenomenon in which the patient unintentionally regains consciousness during surgery. Fine-tuning the amount of anesthetic assures that the patient remains in a deep hypnotic state during an operation. The BIS monitor is manufactured by Aspect Medical Systems of Natick, Massachusetts, and is the first and only FDA-cleared technology to provide a direct measure of assessing consciousness during surgery.